Areas of Focus

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Hormone Health

PMS, PCOS, thyroid health, fertility, menopause – you name it – all are influenced by hormonal imbalances.

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Women spend nearly 1/3 of their life in menopause. This is not a period in life to endure, but rather to thrive.

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Autoimmune Conditions

Approximately 2 million Canadians suffer from an autoimmune disease, of whom nearly 80% are female.

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Digestive Health

Getting to the root of your digestive health concern can make a big difference. Don’t let your digestive complaints become your new normal.

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Metabolic Health & Weight

Beyond just prescribing diets – this is about balancing blood sugars, lowering cholesterol and devising a plan tailored to you.

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Stress & Fatigue

Stress, fatigue and burnout are common. The results = feeling exhausted, wired, anxious, apathetic and less productive.